50. Maria: This title of Latin origin is extremely common in Ukraine, and suggests ‘of the ocean, or intolerable’.

51. Marta: With Roman and Hebrew roots, this beautiful term indicates ‘the girl’.

52. Milena: Of Slavic origins, which means ‘gracious’ or ‘dear’.

53. Natalka: The Ukrainian as a type of Natalie, along with Latin roots – this title means ‘the birth day’s the Lord’.

54. Nikolina: This term indicates ‘victorious folks’.

55. Nyura: A Ukrainian label definition graceful, also utilized largely in Russian customs. Pronounced ‘ny-ura’.

56. Olga: popular term in Ukraine produced from Scandinavia, indicating ‘blessed’.

57. Polina: Commonly used in Ukrainian, Russian, Greek, and Polish lifestyle, this term means ‘humble’ or ‘little material’.

58. Ruslana: This Slavic feminine offered label suggests ‘lion’.

59. Sofia: Based on the Greek title Sophia, this label means ‘wisdom’.

60. Solomia: At first derived from Greek, the Ukrainian label suggests ‘peace’.

61. Veronika: The Ukrainian kind of Veronica, this means ‘to push success’.

62. Vesna: produced by the name of an ancient Slavic goddess, it indicates ‘Spring’.

63. Viktoria: This well-known label indicates ‘victory’.

64. Yana: With Ukrainian and Russian roots, this label means ‘gift of Jesus’.

65. Yaryna: a pleasant Ukrainian feminine label indicating ‘peaceful’. Pronounced ‘yah-rih-nah’.

66. Yeva: The Ukrainian type title Eve, it means ‘to breathe’. It really is https://worldsbestdatingsites.com/japan-cupid-review/ pronounced ‘yeh-vah’.

67. Yulia: a type of title Julia, it means ‘youthful’.

68. Xristina: with unique Greek roots, this name implies ‘a follower of Christ’.

69. Zoryana: a charming and distinctive name meaning ‘break of start’ or ‘star’.

70. Zhadana: a gorgeous title which means ‘desirable’.

Ukrainian Woman Names That Are Preferred Abroad. Have a look at a few of these lovely Ukrainian girls names!

There are numerous feminine Ukrainian names which are prominent both around, and across the remaining globe. So, whether you’re from Ukraine or like their unique brands – this is the record individually.

71. Aleksandra: A Ukrainian type title Alexandra, it means ‘defender of man’.

72. Alina: Of Slavic origins, the name Alina implies ‘bright’, or ‘beautiful’.

73. Dasha: This name is furthermore widely used as a Russian nickname, it means ‘gift of God’.

74. Elena: an attractive feminine name meaning ‘bright’ or ‘shining lighter’.

75. Ekaterina: Originally of Russian descent, this popular label means ‘pure’.

76. Ionna: In Ukrainian heritage, this label implies ‘goodness’s gifts’.

77. Irina: an attractive label derived from Greek, it indicates ‘peace’.

78. Ivanna: A name common amongst Ukrainian and Russian family members, it means ‘Jesus try grateful’.

79. Katya: Commonly used in Slavic region, this label means ‘pure’.

80. Lera: a kind of title Valeria, this one suggests ‘strength’ or ‘health’.

81. Lilya: A gorgeous identity meaning the rose ‘lily’ – plus the Ukrainian as a type of title Lily.

82. Mila: This common Slavic term ways ‘dear’, or ‘gracious’.

83. Nastya: a difference associated with label Anastasia, this name keeps Greek origins and implies ‘resurrection. Pronounced ‘na-styuh’.

84. Natali: Traditionally given to those produced on Christmas time, it implies ‘Christmas time’.

85. Sasha: a solid title that means ‘defender of man’.

86. Stefania: Common amongst Slavic nations, this name is based on Greek and ways ‘crowned’.

87. Taisiya: A Ukrainian and Russian kind title of Saint Thais. Pronounced ‘tuh-ee-sih-yuh’.

88. Ulyana: common amongst many Slavic nations, this name indicates ‘youthful’.

89. Valentyna: A form of the name Valentina, it means ‘strong’.

90. Valeriya: an attractive title meaning ‘to be healthy’, or ‘to become powerful’.

91. Zoya: a female Ukrainian and Russian title meaning ‘life’.

Brands Of Popular Feamales In Ukraine

Lots of mothers choose to base kids’s labels after celebs that they lookup to, and thankfully these cute Ukrainian female brands all compliment that checklist!

92. Alyona: mothers might want to name their own little girl following the Ukrainian golf player Alyona Bondarenko – title meaning ‘light’. Really pronounced ‘uhl-yoo-nuh’.

93. Galina: Popular Ukrainian figure skater Galina Efremenko can provide your some name determination. The name indicates ‘calm’.

94. Golda: Golda Meir was born in Ukraine and went on being finest minister in Israel – a substantial feminine figure. The woman identity ways ‘gold’.

95. Inessa: Inessa Kravets are a Ukrainian Olympic athlete, the lady label suggests ‘chaste’.

96. Karina: A Ukrainian born performer, Karina Smirnoff’s identity ways ‘dear’ or ‘beloved’.

97. Ludmila: Ludmila Gurchenko was actually popular celebrity. Her name suggests ‘loved of the folk’. Really pronounced ‘lood-mi-luh’.

98. Mila: maybe you are astonished to discover that well-known ‘American’ actress Mila Kunis is obviously from Ukraine. The girl title ways ‘dear’.

99. Milla: product, artist, actress, and clothier – the Ukrainian-born Milla Jovovich’s title implies ‘gracious’.

100. Ulyana: popular dancer Ulyana Lopatkina keeps a lovely label, meaning ‘youthful’. It is pronounced ‘oo-lee-a-nuh’.

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